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Service Schedule
Sunday - 10:00am - Holy Communion
A History of St. Peter's

The Reverend A. Rufus Morgan and the Right Reverend Kirkman George Finlay founded a mission in Great Falls, SC, in 1922. Republic Cotton Mills built a three-room house for the mission as a parish house called "The Little House of Fellowship." The Mill also gave a lot on Hampton Street as the site for a mission or church building.

In 1924 a chapel was built on the rocky and rugged lot using materials from old Satterlee Hall of Trinity Cathedral in Columbia. The Diocesan Children's Advent offering assisted in paying for the building. The building and the rock-ribbed site blended perfectly and the name of St. Peter's was chosen. To most of the people of Great Falls, however, it was known as the "Little Brown Church."

In 1925 Miss Mary Ramsaur arrived and began sixteen years of notaable service to St. Peter's and to the entire community of Great Falls. Known as Miss Mary, she worked with the poor, spent the night with the sick, bought medicines, and often appeared in court in an effort to solve family disputes and prevent jail terms.

Miss Ramsaur left Great Falls for other work in 1940, but she returned in 1943 and remained until her retirement in June 1953. She was honored at a farewell reception in Republic Park. A stained glass window over the front doors of the church was installed in her memory and her picture hangs in the parish hall.

Various priests and deacons have served St. Peter's over the years. The Reverend Dennis Smith, a member of St. Peter's, was ordained priest at a special service in the church on June 29, 1966.

30 Hampton Street Great Falls, SC 29055 (803) 482-6755